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Up North.

I started a new job this week, and I am a groomsman in a wedding next week. therefore, my Atlantic crossing and contunued global flight have been put on a slight hold due to time constriants. (not time acceleration for this virtual cap'n...)

Lucky for me, I had some business of a shorter distance to attend to. Im a member of Eastern Virtual Airlines. I joined them solely because I could log Virtual Airline time while flying my connie, not to mention the great flights I get assigned, and the first class reputation they have in the VA world. This week, my dispatcher Ed has sent me from my chosen hub in Seattle on a multi leg trip that takes us from KSEA, to Prince Rupert, on to Juneau, Alaska, theeen over to Valdez, then hopping our way back to alaska via these same airports. As i type this ive just leveled off at 19k feet leaveing on our return leg from Juneau. Even in the simulated world, the terrain is breathtaking, and Juneau turned out to be one of the best trips ive taken yet. Low cloudes conceal mountain tops, and all my arrivals and departures here have been in the soup, IFR. fun stuff in this old Connie, without all the bells and whistles of a modern jet liner.

A breif stop in Prince Rupert, and we will push on to KSEA to finish our route and turn in our PIREP.

Hey Ed, ...whats next!?

Alaska from FL190

Flight Assignment For EV0824

EA8120 Seattle WA, KSEA Departing: 8:25 AM Arriving: 10:20 AM
To: Prince Rupert, CYPR Distance: 513 Miles
Aircraft: 24> L1049G Passengers: 39, 69% of Capacity

EA8120 Prince Rupert, CYPR Departing: 11:10 AM Arriving: 12:15 PM
To: Juneau AK, PAJN Distance: 280 Miles
Aircraft: 24> L1049G Passengers: 55, 99% of Capacity

EA8120 Juneau AK, PAJN Departing: 1:05 PM Arriving: 2:40 PM
To: Valdez AK, PAVD Distance: 391 Miles
Aircraft: 24> L1049G Passengers: 42, 75% of Capacity

EA8121 Valdez AK, PAVD Departing: 11:00 AM Arriving: 12:30 PM
To: Juneau AK, PAJN Distance: 391 Miles
Aircraft: 24> L1049G Passengers: 48, 86% of Capacity

EA8121 Juneau AK, PAJN Departing: 1:20 PM Arriving: 2:25 PM
To: Prince Rupert, CYPR Distance: 280 Miles
Aircraft: 24> L1049G Passengers: 36, 64% of Capacity

EA8121 Prince Rupert, CYPR Departing: 3:15 PM Arriving: 5:10 PM
To: Seattle WA, KSEA Distance: 513 Miles
Aircraft: 24> L1049G Passengers: 54, 96% of Capacity
Juneau should be fun with the Connie.



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