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"Hey, lil buddy...."

Right after a military C-5 Galaxy landed and cleared the active it taxied by a Boeing 747 that was holding short of the runway. The Galaxy captain knowing how much larger his aircraft was keyed the mic and asked the 747 captain, "Hey little buddy, what's your gross?" Not to be out done the 747 captain keyed his mic and replied "A little over two hundred thousand dollars a year, how about you?"

The C5 pilot would be embarassed to hear that the 744 has a higher MTOW (362,875kg vs 348,818kg) than the C5. Worse, if he had been talking to a 744ER, he would have been outclassed by almost 50 metric tons.

Excellent joke - and (unusually for aviation gags) one that I haven't heard before. Keep up the good work!

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