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We meet again.

As I mentioned a few posts back, I would return to Aspen, (KASE) and I would conquer.

Flew the Roaring River Visual approach into runway 15 in clear skies, and beautiful weather, on the last day of the year 2005. Visibility was high, and it made this landing a true joy instead of the tense moments that enveloped our last arrival here, in pitch black and gusty winds. This morning (..now 2006) for departure, however, a whole different story. The wind was straight down for runway 33 departures, which was perfect. Moderate snow was falling, and visibility was low, but our departure was uneventful. Tracking the Red Table VOR after departure, its simply a matter of climbing to the recommended 12,000 feet plus to clear mountians, and then making my U-turn west to KSDL.

Looks like United aint skeered either. I complimented this pilot on an excellent approach and landing....


Happy New years to all.

Nice computer illustration

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