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"Good day for flying....."

The weekend came complete with blue skies and light winds out of the West. My Father and I decided it was a perfect day for some Tail Draggin'. Flew from our home field of New Garden (N57) to Lancaster (KLNS) to stock up on some sectionals. I purchased my local Washington sectional for my real world VFR needs, and a brand new set of complete west coast charts for my flight simming needs.

Tower at KLNS cleared us straight in for runway 31, and despite lots of traffic in the area as everyone takes to the sky on the first clear day in a good while, we slipped in low and slow. A bumpy touchdown greeted us along with a 8kt crosswind. The Citabria isn't a big fan of concrete, but she handles it well, as does my Dad, who was at the stick for the landing.

The pictures didnt translate very well to the blog, and the quality is poor. My apologies....

N57, crossing the field for downwind, 24.

Departing 31 at KLNS

Our reflection in the FBO windows

Back at N57, Dad fuels us up.

She always looks like she wants to fly!

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