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the IFR Pilot has some great aviation videos posted. Check 'em out.

Thanks, but they aren't actually my videos. They are someone else's that I just happened to stumble across.

Go here to get them:


The IFR Pilot

I have a strict policy to tip the hat to the place that I located 'em. ; )

In response to your question: it's a good read. Some VATSIM follies turn up in real life, too, except you don't often get airplanes suddenly materializing on the active runway without a clearance.

I used to play VATSIM, but I was terrible at taxiing, and then my old flightsim program started to diverge from the up-to-date ones, so I wouldn't have the right runways!

..Dont let the VATSIM guys hear you use the words "play" and" "VATSIM" in the same sentence...haha.

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