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In my line of work in the aircraft parts business, when an aircraft is sitting on a ramp, not being used, at the cost of its frustrated operator because of a broken or faulty part, its "A.O.G." (Aircraft on ground).

Well, Thats me tonite.

Scheduled to KBUR from Scottsdale, I got about halfway when I noticed the left wing tank was dropping fuel 3 times as fast as the right. Soon after, the alarm rang for uneven fuel tanks. The aircraft brings it to your attention, because it indicates a possible fuel leak.

Fuel tanks after touchdown....

Sure enough, FSPassengers had thrown an engine damge related fuel leak in the left engine. Man! 8 sim passengers aboard. Leaking fuel. No brainer. nearest airport please?

29 Palms was coming up in 8 miles. I circled 360 degrees to descend, for an uneventful landing. Or as my FSPassengers flight review called it...."Nice".

I like the sound of that.

We'll get the bird patched up and finish our trip in the morning. I gotta go call EJA dispatch and find a couch to sleep on....

Flight ID: EJA611
Pilot: Neil Parry
Company: ExecJet
Aircraft: Eaglesoft Citation X Deluxe
Flight Date: January 07 2006
Departure: 23h31 (06h32 GMT)
Arrival: 23h15 (07h16 GMT)
From: KSDL
Nbr of Passengers: 8

Incident Report:

the left tank sustained damage and was leaking fuel. The pilot was able to land the aircraft safely.


Flight Distance: 203 Nm Landing Speed: 110.93 kt
Time Airborne: 00h39:50 Landing Touchdown: -296.15 ft/m (nice)
Flight Time (block): 00h44:12 Landing Pitch: 5.87°
Time On Ground: 00h06:01 Landing Weight: 30077 lbs
Average Speed: 306.50 kt Total Fuel Used: 3406 lbs
Max. Altitude: 16509ft Fuel Not Used: 4388 lbs
Climb Time: 00h05:51 Climb Fuel Used: 486 lbs
Cruise Time: 00h24:39 Cruise Fuel Used: 1775 lbs
Average Cruise Speed: 435.69 kt (M0.67) Cruise fuel/hour: 4320 lbs (calc)
Descent Time: 00h09:20 Descent Fuel Used: 1145 lbs

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