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Toronto it is.

Decided on CYYZ as our next destination when faced with the 28 options from dispatch. That way I could get across the border for the first time, and there was a connecting flight from there to Chicago, another air space on the list before I head back to Scottsdale (home base).

Sometimes while flying on VATSIM, when there is no ATC on my route to talk to, ill use liveatc.com to listen to some real world controllers push the heavy metal. Listening to Philadelphia APP as I descended towards Toronto in the virtual world, I heard a fellow Execjet pilot being cleared over in the Washington airspace. No doubt its more fun in the real world, and im pretty sure he gave that away with in sound of his voice...

As I closed withing 20 miles of CYYZ to land, the weather was resetting from clouds and rain to clear skys and unlimited visibility with every refresh. One of the things I hope active skys handles better when I get it some day.

Saw a lonely freighter on my decent to runway 33R, and wondered if it was one of those guys ive been hearing about sailing the VATSIM seas. (apparently against the rules, but obviously it happens....) A quick check of the radar concluded it was just some random add on scenery from our friends at Microsoft.

Winds ay CYYZ 15 gusting to 24. Clearly I need to brush up on my X-wind landings, because I made another sloppy landing. Thats 2 in a row. I consider that a slump. Not to mention the fact that FSPassenegers threw in a failure of the left side brakes after touchdown. They even saw fit to penalize me for not declaring an emergency. An emergency? Losing the brakes at application, somwhere around 80 knots?!?


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