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The TEB.

After complaining to dispatch that I was stuck at FLO, (the only available route was back home to KSDL, and I was trying to work up the East coast...) They graciously provided me with a couple of routes out. The option I chose was back to Peachtree, where I had just departed to arrive at FLO. This way I could then head up to Ohio by the available KCMH route. I knew from there I could cruise the 400 or so miles over to the corporate jet wonderland known as Teterboro. Im currently inbound, 225 miles ahead of the nose before we arrive. Im loaded to the gills thanks to FSPassengers, 8 aboard, full cargo hold, and juuust enough fuel. By my calculations anyway. Let me check those again....

In the real world, KTEB is under seige. Local Congressman Steve Rothman is spearheading a battle to reduce flights into Teterboro by some 25%, to reduce jet noise in the area. Being 12 miles from midtown Manhattan, it's a mecca for corporate aircraft avoiding the pains of larger fields, and getting the boss downtown couldnt be easier. Needless to say, its a loud place at 5P.M.
Rothman is pushing to keep congress from overturning Teterboro Airport's 37 year-old weight limit ban on aircraft exceeding 100,000 pounds. This in turn will keep the fast growing fleet of BBJ's out of the airport. Recent accidents involving jets at TEB, including one that resulted in an aircraft crossing a road, but thankfully not proceeding the tragedy of Southweast's Midway incident, are the Congressman's main ammunition in his war. The area is very dense with buildings and homes and lots of people. The aircraft that crossed route 46, a Challanger 600, did in fact collide with some vehicles, and Rothman likes to frame that as a "What if" and uses the BBJ fully loaded with fuel as his example of the impending catastrophe that he insists would ensue.

KTEB is good to pilots. Despite a high price on fuel, KTEB is a place with doormen, who know you are coming and what you have with you in way of passenger luggage. A 24 hour gym operates for use by guests and crew's in transit alike. The biggest bonus, its not an international, like the surrounding airports loaded with heavy's. You can get in and out fairly easily, sans the rush hour traffic jams of biz jets on the taxi ways.
Of course, when I get the BBJ payware and cruise into KTEB virtually, yet safely under the Execjet flag, i'm sure it would do little to convince Congressman Rothman, But it will be an interesting experiement.

For now our Citation X has touched down at KTEB. Passengers not so happy, as your Captain made a fairly rough landing today. Id blame it on the 15 knot cross wind, but im too busy blaming it on my virtual co-pilot. He just sits there.

Dispatch obviously knows the value of KTEB too. i now have 28 possible routes to choose from. its going to be a hard choice.

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