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Heading home....

I have been bouncing North and South across the mountians since my last post working my my way back to a flight home. I had to look over the "Available Routes" forms 2 or 3 flights in advance of each destination to find the fastest way back to KSDL. After some fun adventures enroute, i'm now airborne and heading south to KABQ. After that, its a short flight home to KSDL, upon where i'll pick up more local work for a little bit.

Visiting an old nemesis along the way...out of respect.

KASE, or Aspen is, to say the least, a challenging airport. Some say its downright dangerous. Nestled at 7,815 MSL and surrounded on all sides by mountain ridges and vistas. Factor in the snow, ice, good winds, and low visibilty common to the area, and you get an idea of how fun it could be to land there at night. Of course, in the simulated world, we have the advantage of it always being fun. And, Of course, there are the real world pilots who find this stuff a blast. Regular airline operations do come to KASE daily.

I visited here 3 hops ago. In the dark, with decent visibilty, it still demanded a go around on my first approach. It is a very unique approach and can be a handful for a relative greenhorn like myself. The 2nd approach was spot on, but none the less a harrowing ride...on final approach you can see the trees and valleys rising up around you in the darkness, and it can be quite intimidating. You really have to trust your instruments here.

So, on my way back to New Mexico, as I passed Aspen at FL170, I tipped a wing....Ill be back, and im gonna get you on the first approach next time, old man....

Tipping a wing to Aspen

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