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Saturday afternoon, and my plans to rent a Piper Tomahawk for a few hours of VFR flying around Pennsylvania and Delaware, including a stop for lunch have been blown out to sea with rain, low vis, and all around crappy weather. Flying time on VATSIM has been plentiful, but the real world, not so much. Last weekend, A Christmas eve ride around the pattern for some practice landings had to be cut short after I felt a pretty mean vibration turning base to final. Despite the aircraft behaving normally before and after the breif vibration, I felt the best option was to park it, and tell the mechanics and line folks on the field. I'll have to call down and see if anything was found. The good thing is, you get to confirm to yourlelf that you would respond as well as you would like. Make suree all those emergeny procedures you did over and over in flight training stuck like the should. Vibration occurs: , Fly the plane. Airspeed, altimeter, vert speed, good. fly the plane. Check tach. Looks steady. Carb heat off, mixture set, guages good, fuel appears ok, where am I? In pattern for landing. Good. What better place to be if I lose an engine. Turn for the runway, make a short pattern. No traffic in the pattern. Good. Cut short final, keep airspeed. Dont put in power unless you need it. Safe landing, no worries, no problems. Great.

It could have been nothing. But it could have been something, so, as I have been taught and as all pilots should be taught, park it. Have it looked at. Yes, you have to cut your flying time short, but there are worse things that could happen.....

For now, I'll take the EJA flight over to ABQ, next door to home, Scottsdale. Ehh. It will have to do.

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